Amy Kirsten Whiteman

Amy Kirsten Whiteman
“fearfully & wonderfully made”
A perfect gift from God

A white sheet with the word " g " written in it.

Amy is our youngest child. We did not know it until after she was born, but she had a unique chromosome abnormality that, according to her doctors, was not compatible with life. From the moment our Amy was born, she was constantly amazing not only the medical community, but everyone around her. Her nurses, family, and friends all commented how being with Amy was so peaceful and always a blessing. She just had a way of touching your soul without ever speaking a word.

One of her nurses always called her a conundrum as Amy was a puzzle. Her life was a struggle for sure. She spent a lot of time in the hospital, developed a rare seizure type, was tube fed, often needed oxygen, had numerous heart surgeries and still spent most of her life in congestive heart failure. She was the most lovable thing in the world. She never spoke, sat up, ate food, or walked. But, she got to go in the ocean, see Mickey Mouse, go out in the snow and be constantly surrounded by love. Doctors told us that Amy would not live for one year. God blessed us with her for 5 1/2!  I could go on forever talking about her!

A white sheet with the word " g " written in it.

Amy’s favorite color was red — her vision wasn’t good, but she often reacted to red.
She loved music!!!! Even her dad beating out the song, “Wipe Out.”
Loved crinkly sounds — a Tostito bag was a favorite.
Would like nothing more than to settle into your lap.
Could grab your glasses off or her feeding tube without warning.
Loved water.
Loved her family and nurses.

Amy was our greatest blessing in disguise, and we thank God for every second that we had her.

Thank you so much to your group and for allowing this mom to share the piece of her heart that is broken.

Dianne Whiteman
Amy’s mother